Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kennedy Endorses Obama

The Clintons must really be kicking themselves on this one -- it's something that was far, far from inevitable. Money quote:

“This is the biggest Democratic endorsement Obama could possibly get short of Bill Clinton,” said a high-level Democrat.

A backhanded prediction? Could Hillary go so negative that Bill will endorse Obama?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bust Out the Cheetos and Let's Celebrate


Ahmadinejad To Visit Baghdad

Maybe he's looking for Saddam's WMDs, too.

McCain's Mom: Republican Base Hates Johnny

This stuff is really fantastic. (Courtesy of Andrew Sullivan.)

Inappropriate Holocaust Analogy Alert

Rabbi-to-the-Christian-right Yehuda Levin:

From someone whose mother-in-law bears the mark of Auschwitz, it is time to stop the American Holocaust of abortion.

I won't hold my breath for the denunciatory ADL press release.

Also, interesting that Ron Paul was the only Republican candidate in attendance. And this, further footnotes on The American Religion:

Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters of Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate to speak at the event, fan across the Mall. They are decked out in aprons or colonial hats (neither reference is clear to me), and handing out brochures and flyers featuring an illustration of the congressman, an OB-GYN by training, dressed in scrubs and holding a baby wrapped in an American flag.

Deaf People Will Be Falling Out of Their Chairs


Winner in Louisiana: "Uncommitted Pro-Life"

And Ron Paul thinks he was robbed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wolves for Richmond?

Wow, and I thought the presidential campaign was dirty. Actually, I think my parents (Point Richmond) could use some wolves in their neighborhood -- the raccoon population there has been out of control for years...

Sullivan Still Not Dishing on Wieseltier's McCain Endorsement

So I'm still trying to figure out why Andrew Sullivan hasn't responded to Leon Wieseltier's recent attack on Obama and endorsement of (generally lackluster on gay rights, though against constitutionalizing discrimination) John McCain...

LA Times Continues Descent Into Mediocrity

Kevin Roderick rounds up the news and punditry about the O'Shea firing. Money quote:

It's amazing to me that the journalists left at the L.A. Times can put out a paper and a website every day, with all the turmoil that swirls around down there.


Making the Market More Efficient, One Book at a Time

While I certainly don't appraise books sight unseen, I'm dubious that some salvaged Thackerays are going to fetch in the 4-figures... (I recently couldn't find a buyer on ebay for an 1879 Thackeray priced at $3)...

Bode Miller Becomes Most Decorated US Skier in History

Next stop: getting smashed at the Olympics and losing any chance for a medal?

Iraq Surge's Mixed Messages