Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Case of Gil Hoffman: Citizen Armies and Journalistic Ethics

Recently I went to see a talk by Gil Hoffman at a synagogue in Bridgeport. Hoffman, who is currently on a US speaking tour, is a reporter for the Jerusalem Post covering Israeli politics and government. As an Israeli citizen, he serves as a reservist in the Israeli Defense Forces -- specifically, as his JPost bio states, in the IDF "Spokesperson Unit." Obviously this is a conflict of interest, but of what magnitude? To be sure, having an army in which all citizens are required to serve presents some unique ethical conundrums for people in certain lines of work -- that is to say, some ethical dilemmas are inevitable. Mr. Hoffman is affable, funny and generally charming (one can see why he would be an effective spokesman for the IDF) but given the extremely flattering treatment of Israeli government policy that he offers in his public presentations -- he seems loath to criticize the government for anything, and flatly describes opposition to Jewish settlements in the West Bank as anti-semitism -- one has to wonder, where exactly does his journalistic duty to inform the public end and his duty to the IDF begin (and vice versa)?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GOP Foreign Policy in a Nutshell, As Evidenced By the CBS-NJ Debate

America Fuck Yeah, Israel Fuck Yeah, Other Countries Go to Hell.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where to See Outdoor Shakespeare in Connecticut

Outdoor Shakespeare is nothing new: in fact the very first performances of the Bard's work were held at the plein-air Globe Theatre on the banks of London's River Thames. But outdoor performances of Shakespeare as an annual summertime ritual is a more recent phenomenon whose 'Big Bang' moment was in 1954 when New York's famed Public Theater started staging free performances of Shakespeare in Central Park every summer.

Where are the best places to see outdoor Shakespeare in Connecticut? If you're looking for a scenic location, you won't want to miss the Flock Theatre Company's performances beside the lily pond in the glorious Connecticut College Arboretum. If you're looking for top-notch acting and production values, you can't beat the Elm Shakespeare Company, which performs towards the end of summer in New Haven's Edgerton Park and on the Guilford Green. And if you want something memorable -- and maybe a little goofy -- be sure to head to Bridgeport for Connecticut Free Shakespeare's "Shakespeare in the Zoo," in which peacocks roaming the grounds of the Beardsley Zoo have been known to make cameos by wandering onstage during this company's playful and music-filled productions.

Here is a list of options for outdoor Shakespeare in Connecticut. If you go, remember to bring a comfy folding chair and bug spray. Although the performances may be free to attend, they are not free to produce, and donations are always appreciated.

Elm Shakespeare Company -- New Haven and Guilford --

Connecticut Free Shakespeare -- Bridgeport --

Flock Theatre -- New London -

Capital Classics Theatre Company - Saint Joseph College, Hartford -

Shakespeare on the Sound - Norwalk -

ARTFARM "Shakespeare in the Grove" - Middletown -

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Your Average Catholic, Communist, Gay Poet/Politician


OUP Gives Long Overdue Credit to Female Baseball Historian


Friday, August 20, 2010

Pork, Pastors, and Prayer Breakfasts

Thirteen really Muslim things Obama has done.

Uncle Solar Wants You!


US Navy Swastika Building Update



When is the New York Times going to run an obituary of Matthew Simmons? The longer they ignore his death, the more they fuel these kinds of conspiracy theories.

Axis of Social Media

North Korea takes its war against Yankee imperialism onto the battleground of facebook.

Pirate Defense Lawyers Take Note

The Law Library of Congress has digitized its collection of pre-1923 piracy trials.

Dean Vs. DFA

Is it weird that DFA is putting out this when Howard Dean is putting out this?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

How Jimmy Carter Saved Craft Beer

One of the unheralded accomplishments of a misunderstood and under-rated president.

News flash! Journalists Prepared to Once Again Utterly Misread Annual Social Security Trustees Report


"Further and Faster Than Margaret Thatcher"

New Statesman looks at David Cameron's first 100 days.

How The One-State "Solution" Got Its Mojo Back


In one of the more curious twists in Israeli politics, prominent figures on Israel’s right wing have begun pushing for a one-state solution with Israelis and Palestinians as equal citizens with full voting rights. The one-state solution previously had been the preserve of the post-Zionist left, Palestinian hard-liners and left-leaning European intellectuals who envisioned turning Israel proper, the West Bank and Gaza into a single state in which the Palestinians soon would become the majority and assume the reins of government. For the overwhelming majority of Israelis, the idea has been anathema because it seemed to spell the end of the Zionist dream of a sovereign Jewish state. So what has changed? In a word: Gaza.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Excited Delirium


When Politicians Pledge to Keep Jobs At Home...


Is Use of Facebook and Twitter a Campaign Expenditure?