Friday, January 14, 2005

Quote of the Day Dequoted

Andrew Sullivan's Quote of the Day comes from this Yale Daily News column by Daniel Koffler. It's a nice rejoinder to a truly idiotic column in the Yale Daily News by one Christopher Ashley which wasn't sufficiently answered at the time it was published last December, but (if one reads Koffler's entire column) it is also an embarrassing misreading of Ashley. Ashley is NOT representative of the "left-liberal" perspective, as Koffler suggests -- rather Ashley is a fundamentalist or borderline fundamentalist Christian (who resents Theo Van Gogh for his militant secularism, NOT for being anti-Muslim), as anybody who knows or has read him would know. To think that Ashely is anything BUT that is testimony to what a preposterous liberal straw-man the right -- with considerable assistance from Peter Beinart et al. -- has fashioned out of thin air. (OK, not quite thin air -- maybe hot air.)