Thursday, April 01, 2010

LTE of the Day

From a recent issue of the Marin County 'Pacific Sun' weekly newspaper:

I was unable to attend the recent Tea Party in Mill Valley. I had looked forward to hopping in my car, which because of massive government regulation, is fairly clean and safe, driving along our smooth city-maintained streets past the beautiful public library, outstanding public high school and middle school. Then past the struggling private bank where much of my money rests (thank goodness for the bureaucrat or career politician who dreamed up FDIC insurance), and parking at the station of our government-sponsored heroes--known as police and firefighters--who use government-provided equipment and municipal water to ensure our safety. Then I would have walked across the government-maintained grassy sports field, over that lovely redwood bridge the town built, along the publicly maintained bike path that travels along the ecologically vibrant marsh, which was saved by community resources, to the community center itself, which never would have been built without government assistance.

There I certainly would have stolen one last glance of magnificent Mt. Tamalpais, preserved in large part by local governments and our municipal water district, before entering to rail against having to pay taxes and the odious specter of the government having a hand in providing healthcare for its citizens. Maybe I would have even won the "Draw a Hitler-mustache on Obama" coloring contest! Although I was unable to attend, thanks to the proximity of the government-run waste water treatment facility, I was still able to send my regards.

--Richard Marshall, Mill Valley