Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gentile Soirees

MJ Rosenberg has spent the whole day on twitter attacking Marty Peretz for a dismissive comment about anti-Israel leftists attending "gentile soirees." Here is just a sampling:

My paternal grandfather was a gentile.Is that chopped liver, people? #p2
37 minutes ago via I just counted. of my closest friends, 14 are gentiles. And yet. no invite to gentile soirees. Yes, I'm pissed. #p2
38 minutes ago via Peretz was a TA at Harvard 4 30 years Maybe it's a Harvard thing (no gentile soirees 4 him or tenure track either). #p2
39 minutes ago via Was GOP convention a "gentile soiree" plus JOE & Hadassah. #p2
41 minutes ago via Problem is. If you are a lib Dem, there are no "gentile soirees" or "straight soirees" either. That makes us Dems. #p2
42 minutes ago via FLASH. Just told "gentile soirees" don't have African-Americans in attendance. My bad. #p2 #ISRAEL
43 minutes ago via

My son Peter is a bigshot in hiphop world. Goes to lots of events where he's only white guy. Are these "gentile soirees?"
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