Monday, July 06, 2009

Settlements and the Peace Process

Gershom Gorenberg shows just how deeply the comically self-unaware Ehud Barak doesn't get it:

According to a piece by Ben Caspit and Merav David in yesterday’s print edition of Ma’ariv, when Barak met U.S. envoy George Mitchell in New York, he told him that in 2000 “I was the Israeli prime minister who took the most bold steps to make peace, and that year also saw the greatest extent of new construction.” For Barak this was proof that building like mad doesn’t get in the way of negotiations. Alas for a country with men like this as leaders... That’s precisely one of the things that foiled his negotiating efforts. The building shattered trust before Barak ever got to Camp David.

For the full story of the myth of Camp David myth that Barak has been egotistically nurturing for the last eight years, read Malley/Agha.