Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kooky Creationists

T.A. Frank:

Disarray on the right offers liberals a chance to realize a number of important policy ambitions, which is generally good. Still, having a reasonable opposition party would be better. Let's be honest, huge deficit spending is scary, or at least it should be. Geithner's bank plan is dismaying, or at least it should be. And proponents of the Austrian school, however kooky at times, have made some undeniably accurate calls, warning about the real estate bubble as it inflated and predicting the collapse of major banks. (That most economists dismiss the Austrians as "creationists" only increases my fear of experts who implicitly view themselves, by extension, as "scientists.") But you can't defend George W. Bush fiscal policy one day and propound Ron Paul fiscal policy the next and expect to be taken seriously.