Tuesday, July 01, 2008

McCain's On/Off Environmental Record

LA Times:

McCain's record of tackling energy policy on Capitol Hill shows little of the clear direction he says would come from a McCain White House. Instead, the Arizona senator has swerved from one position to another over the years, taking often contradictory stances on the federal government's role in energy policy.

Inconsistency is only part of the problem. Supporting $3.7 in subsidies for the nuclear industry but opposing tax credits in 2001 or 2006 for renewables is just dumb.

But anyway the main reason John McCain's energy record is so inconsistent is that he has no larger vision about the environment or sustainability, just a set of scattered -- and shifting -- positions. The same is true for the economy, about which McCain has expressed both ignorance and disinterest. For better or for worse, McCain only demonstrates excitement (kinda) and intellectual coherence (sorta) when talking about foreign policy.