Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kaus: Klein Comes Out Unscathed...

... so have "the rules" changed?

I was going to write about this before, to say that Ami Eden is correct that the 'main problem' (that's my gloss) with the neocons isn't dual loyalty (this is a canard) -- rather it's their twisted Manichean world-view which conditions them not only to support Israel unconditionally but also to be BFF with terrorist groups like the Contras and the Afghan mujahidin. Now this doesn't mean that neocons aren't dually (duly? unduly?) loyal; maybe they are (see Kaus on Peretz), and so what? If patriotism is so great, why isn't double patriotism even better? And if we let people have dual passports and dual citizenship, why the hell can't they have dual loyalty?