Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Against an Iraq Litmus Test - Think Big Tent, People!

Drum is against litmus testing-out-of-contention folks like Biden from the Veepstakes. I concur. It's a bad road for Democrats to go down. And what does such a litmus test say about anti-war superstars like Jack Murtha and Chuck Hagel? They're not sincere in their anti-war commitment? They're not pure enough to rally beside 'true' Iraq dissidents like Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney? The Democrats don't need to establish a cult of false certainty (or a cult of true certainty, which will eventually become false certainty)... let the "always wrong, never in doubt" pundits in the media and theologically revisionist priests take care of that! Big tents win elections, and Democrats need to sound like a big tent in order to be a big tent.