Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How NOT To "Work To Expand The Dream of College"

In the wake of Gov. Schwarzenegger's budget proposal, some people, including the SacBee's Peter Schrag, are complaining that Schwarzenegger apparently considers teachers a "special interest." Others are complaining that Schwarzenegger lied when he told California's education community he would "favor schools" and "work to expand the dream of college." Reality check here and here. S is even violating the deal he struck with the CTA last year to get his first budget passed. (Proposition 98 is for all intents and purposes dead, which S has wanted all along. What ever happened to listening to the voice of the people?) Still others are complaining that the Governator contradictorily says "we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem," then "we just don't have enough money to fund all the programs we want." All valid complaints.

And there's something terribly unseemly about taking even the most minimal tax increase off the table. Sometimes it seems the sun will never come out again in California.